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The Well

 The Well is a great time of praise and worship. You'll also find a teaching, dramas, guest speakers, and special music. It is always a great opportunity to go deeper in your faith and get to know other college students.

The Well meets Sundays at 11 AM in Room F111



 Passion is a new program for the semester that focuses on prayer and worship.  Come join us in sharing what God has been doing in our lives, and lifting up His name.

Passion meets Wednesdays after Celebration (7:45 PM) in Room F111


Small Groups

 Small groups meet on different nights of the week at people's homes for an intimate atmosphere.  It is an excellent way to build great relationships and learn about God.



Break away from the studying norm, the school books, and work.  Join us for rock climbing, rafting, skiing, volleyball, and movies.  There is something happening almost every week.  Check out our recent Calendar of Events.